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Twin Tower(English)

The most prominent landmark in Kuala Lumpur today is the Petronas Twin Towers.Towering 452 metres into the sky,the 88 storey Twin Towers is visible from afar.The Twin Towers, which spirals towards the heavens,has a number of attractions.Besides being the headquarters of Petronas,the national company,the Petronas Twin Towers contains shopping and entertainment facilities, a symphony hall,an art gallery,a multimedia conference centre and a 'must-see'petroleum museum known as Petrosains.

Designed by Cesar Pelli,a reowned American architect,the Petronas Twin Towers proclaims Kuala Lumpur as a commercial and cultur capital.The design of the tower is based on an Islamic arabesque and uses a repetitive geometric design characteristic of muslim architecture.There is also an eight point star,formed by intersecting squares at the heart of each tower symbolising the relationship between heaven earth.

If you are wondering how Cesar Pelli became involed in the project,the answer is simple.Before the Twin Towers was built,an invitation went out to eight established internatiolnal architectural firms to design won.In 1998,the Pertronas Twin Tower was completed,five years after construction work began.On 28 August 1999,it was offically declared open by Dr Mahathir Mohamad.Impressive design and height,the Petronas Twin Tower stands out because of its double-deck skybridge located on the 41st floor 42nd floor.